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Bridal Registration The Way It Should Be

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Congratulations on your engagement! There is high probability that you are engaged if you have decided to visit this page of our website. And although we deal with Tulsa Bridal Registration every day, we don’t want to forget to take time out to congratulate on this fabulous time in your life!

In order to provide you with the best bridal registration service in Tulsa, we have put together a list of 4 Big Tips / Ideas to keep in mind as you begin your bridal registry process (whether with us or anybody else).



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Idea #1: Think 12 Months Out. Remember when registering, anything that you choose not to register for you will ultimately have to go out and purchase on your own during the next 12 months. Many couples forget this as they go around Tulsa registering at various stores.

Idea #2: Don’t Just Think About Needs, Think About Wants. Everybody who attends your wedding wants to give you something, and some people want to splurge. Some people want to shower you with BIG GIFTS to show you how much they love and appreciate you. So as you register think about everything from fine dining, to gardening, to toasters and home decor.

Idea #3: Register For Items of All Different Price Points. As you register you want to make yourself easy to shop for. Nobody wants to be unable to find a gift for you because you only registered for soap, towels and TVs. Register for anything you want or that you perceive that you will need within that critical first year of marriage and then let your guests decide.

Idea #4: Register With Nielsens Tulsa Bridal Registry and Experience the Finer Side of Wow. We’ve been in Tulsa since 1946 and since that time we have wowed countless couples and clients. During your first year of marriage you are going to want to entertain and invite other couples over for fellowship, friendship and fun. When you register for Nielsens gifts, silverware, fine-dining ware, lamps, decor and more you will be registering for gifts that will last a lifetime.

For more information about the gifts, decor and designer items that we carry check out the “shopping cart” portion of our website or simply stop by one of our two convenient locations. At Nielsens we pride ourselves in offering one of Tulsa’s premier shopping experiences along with top brands such as Lladro, Kinzig, Julia Knight, Nambe, Waterford, etc…